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9 - 12 September 2019Emirates Stadium
London, UK

Emirates Stadium | LONDON, UK

Emirates Stadium is the third-largest football stadium in England and home to Arsenal Football Club. When it is not being used to host high-profile football matches or as an audition stage in large TV productions, the 60,000-seat stadium is a sought-after venue for international conferences and summits.

The stunning glass-and-steel construction is renowned across the United Kingdom and throughout Europe and is the first in England to be equipped with HDTV. It reinforces the global city's reputation as a business friendly environment and the world's financial centre. London welcomes over 14 million tourists every year and offers an unmatched array of famous restaurants, shopping destinations, historical landmarks and cultural opportunities.

Emirates Stadium is easily accessible via London's comprehensive public transport network. Clearly located signs will help pedestrians find their way on the short walk from stations or bus stops to the grounds. The stadium has a colour coding system to signify different areas.

The entrance for the conference will be through the South Entrance (Dial Square), with the nearest tube station being Arsenal (Piccadilly Line), an approximately three-minute walk from the stadium. For a more detailed look at the layout of the stadium, please click here.

For further details on convenient ways to get there, see here. Alternatively, you can plan your best route by public transport using the TFL Journey Planner.

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Emirates Stadium

  • London N5 1BU, United Kingdom
  • +44 (0)207 7044030

Emirates Stadium, London, UK